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Friday, September 18, 2009

Simple Greek-Style Pizza

This is for those with a taste for the strong and beautiful flavors of Greece. I really like this pizza dough recipe. It's one I haven't tried before and the texture turned out perfectly. It comes from these gal's website right here. My one complaint is that it only makes one pizza, which in a family with teenage boys is never enough! Next time I'll try doubling the recipe. I've also made a few alterations to the instructions, including baking at a higher temperature which creates a more authentic Italian crust texture.

1 cup warm water
2 tsp. yeast
2 tsp. sugar
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 - 2 cups unbleached flour (I used 2 1/2 cups of unbleached bread flour)

Olive oil
Dried & ground herbs (your choice)
Feta cheese with tomato and basil
Kalamata olives, halved lengthwise
Fresh Tomatoes, seeded and chopped

Preheat the oven with pizza stone to 525ºF
Add yeast to warm water with a pinch of sugar until it bubbles. Add remaining ingredients with the first cup of flour and mix for at least a minute. Add more flour until the dough forms a smooth, soft ball, not too sticky, but not firm. Allow dough to rise until double. Stretch or roll dough to form a medium size pizza. Place on a pizza peel (or baking sheet) and brush with olive oil, then sprinkle with your favorite dried and ground herbs. Top with remaining ingredients. Slide onto stone (or keep on baking sheet). Bake, watching closely, until pizza dough it done.


Six Foot Redhead said...

Just read your yummy recipe. I'm anxious to try it -- LOVE Greek-ish foods. Question: I always wonder why so many recipes say to turn the oven on at such-and-such degrees, then go on to tell you at least 1/2 hour or sometimes an hour or more of instructions. That oven is blazing away at 500 degrees and wasting fuel for ALL THAT TIME. Just wonderin' cute niece . . .

Miriam Latour said...

Good question. I usually don't put the heating instructions until the end, but with a pizza stone my excruciatingly slow electric oven takes about 25 minutes or more to reach that temperature. I figure people know their own oven better than I do and will turn it on in a timely fashion. :)